Innovative Food Sales is a sales and marketing company that specializes in national account and multi unit sales

A multitude of experience

Research and Development


IFS members work in collaboration with their vendor’s and the national account’s culinary teams to develop new and relevant menu and LTO items.

Quality Assurance


Innovative team members ensure quality from their vendor partners by keeping them current on plant certifications and updating them on account specific requirements regarding allergens, animal welfare, and all natural and organic certifications.

Research & Development

Procurement & Program Management

Following a new item from the initial order to the time it’s made to the final delivery to the restaurant along with managing its inventory are all necessary components to the process of introducing a new item into the system.



Remaining current with today’s trends through the use of consumer insights is an essential component in order to remain relevant to the chain world.

We partner with a select group of like-minded vendor partners that share similar values

  • Business Philosophy
  • Hard Work
  • Family
  • Common Sense
  • Logic
  • Fun

Servicing many segments


Quick Service

Research & Development


Research & Development

Casual Dining

Research & Development


Research & Development

Fast Casual

Research & Development


Other segments

We may also call on other chain segments such as convenience stores and retail supermarkets.

Embracing Teamwork

We embrace teamwork with our vendor partners and find it an essential key to success. Many times we work in a cohesive partnership with direct sales members to expand presence and knowledge.


Time is the most limiting factor of all sales efforts today and we help to increase the reach of our manufacturers by jointly maximizing the energy spent working an account.

Diverse Knowledge

Our diverse knowledge and experience allows us to penetrate the different chain sub-groups such as purchasing, R&D, marketing and operations.

Cost Savings

We offer our clients an opportunity to reduce their chain sales costs significantly by applying a 5 for 1 cost savings approach.